Set The Lpr On Etek Paintball Guns

A gas-powered Etek paintball gun (AKA paintball marker) can vary the velocity of the fired paintball capsule. To change the velocity, adjust the low pressure regulator (LPR) while shooting a marker. The procedure affects the tension of the springs inside the gun and does not require the use of any tools. The Etek’s warranty is not voided by doing this.


1. Put on the protective eyeglasses as a safety measure. Take your Etek paintball gun out to a shooting range. Stand at the firing line across from a target.

2. Bring the gun up to a firing position. Loosen the LPR knob at the bottom front of the gun by rotating it counterclockwise. Continue rotating the knob until it comes out of the gun.

3. Reinsert the knob into the gun. Rotate it three turns clockwise.

4. Insert the tip of a Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver into the screw in the center of the knob. Rotate the screw a full turn clockwise.

5. Fire the gun. Note the strength of the impact at which the paintball capsule strikes the target. Rotate the screw one-quarter turn clockwise and fire again. Continue to do this until you are satisfied with the velocity of the gun.

6. Fire the gun another seven times at half-second intervals. Place the gun aside now that it has been adjusted. Remove the protective eyeglasses.

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