Set Up A “Counterstrike” Lan Game

You can set up “Counter-Strike” to play over a LAN.

To setup a “Counter-Strike” LAN game, you must first understand what LAN means. LAN, or Local Area Network, is designed to allow a group of computers to communicate with each other without having to access the Internet. So, setting up “Counter-Strike” in a LAN environment will allow people in a room to play each other in close proximity instead of having to use the Internet and sacrificing face-to-face interaction.


1. Plug the eight Ethernet cords into the eight-port Ethernet switch. Plug the other ends of the Ethernet cords into each individual computer.

2. Click on “Start,” then “Control Panel.” Double click on the “Network Connections.” You’ll see a message stating that an Ethernet cord was connected, but you’ll also see an exclamation point because the computer can’t find a proper network.

3. Double click on the network connection and click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).”

4. Click on “Properties,” and in the first section, type “” for the “IP Address.” Enter in “” for the “Subnet Mask.” Leave the “Gateway” blank and press the “OK” button. Repeat this process on each connected computer, increasing the last digit of the IP address by one with each computer added. The eighth computer should have “” for the final IP address.

5. Load “Counter-Strike.” Use the computer with the best equipment to be the server. Have that person host the server by selecting “New Game.” Select the level that you want to play and click “Start.” This will load the game.

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6. Start “Counter-Strike” on the other computers and then have each player click on “Find Servers.” Adjust the tab to “LAN” so they can see the server, and have them double-click on it to join.