Set Up An Airsoft War

Airsoft is an extreme sport similar to paintball in which players fire small plastic pellets from air-powered pistols and rifles at one another in simulated combat. Airsoft battles typically take place on a large field that is marked with safe zones and littered with barriers and other items that break the line of sight. Airsoft teams use cover and tactics to win “wars,” series of battles that determine an overall champion until the next tournament.


1. Determine the rules of engagement. Many organizations publish their rules for airsoft battles and wars for all players to use. These include rules of fair play as well as variants such as “knife kills” or other tactics. Some common rule sets are linked below.

2. Set the number of battles. A war may be a brief “best two out of three” affair on a weekend or an ongoing campaign. Decide how many battles will be waged and how many losses will eliminate a team from the war.

3. Choose a victory condition for each battle. These will range from last-man-standing “deathmatch” battles to capturing and holding specific objectives. Varying your victory conditions will make the games less predictable and more enjoyable for all involved.

4. Distribute the rules and war information to all teams. Make sure everyone understands the war setup and is willing to abide by the decision of the tournament organizers.

5. Announce the prizes for victory prior to the beginning of the tournament. Prizes may be simple bragging rights among players, or trophies that change hands after each battle.

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