Set Up An Indoor Paintball Site

If you have permission to use and renovate a space for an indoor paintball site, there are things that you can do to turn that site into a fun and exciting place to play games like paintball and laser tag. You can renovate as much or as little as you want to create an exciting play space


1. Board up the windows to protect the glass and to dim the lighting for games.

2. Replace the regular lights with dark lights to set mood lighting for the games. You may also wish to leave some of the regular lights for bright emergency or setup lighting.

3. Remove doors from inside rooms to prevent people from holing up in the rooms. You may remove them from the property, or just use them as props to create hidey holes and other loose barriers in the buildings. This step is optional.

4. Decorate the inside of the building with black light paint. You may also wish to use paintball spatter to decorate.

5. Bring in barrels, tables, or hang sheets to divide large rooms and provide cover for players as well as visual interest.

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