Set Up Gi Molle Gear

With a lightweight MOLLE system your equipment stays put until you need it.

In 1996 the Army and Marine Corps updated their equipment carrying gear to the MOLLE system (pronounced mo’-lly), or Modular Lightweight Load carrying Equipment, which contained modern advances that made it lightweight, more versatile, and more comfortable than previous carrying systems. The MOLLE system has since become popular outside military service by paintball enthusiasts. A MOLLE pack is easy to use and reliable and its modular system of pouches, clips and cases allow the user to configure the vest to her own specific needs or to meet the requirements of the mission.


1. Choose the MOLLE system that best fits your budget and needs. Genuine military tactical gear can costs hundreds of dollars, but it is the highest quality and most durable. Replica vests are available at online auction sites for a fraction of the cost, however the cheaper pouches are likely to fail sooner. Try using genuine military tactical pouches in conjunction with a replica vest. This offers savings on the least likely part of the system to fail while the high quality pouches stand up to the rigors of the battlefield. The replica vest also uses the PALS system, nylon straps sewn into the vest in the configuration of a ladder, in which pouch straps are interwoven so the pouch doesn’t come loose until the user manually removes it.

2. Determine which hand you use to shoot. You want your equipment accessible to your free hand, so divide your vest in half down the middle and place your ammo in easy reach of your left hand if you are a right-handed shooter.

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3. Load up ammo and air, or paint-balls and a spare CO2 tank on your back, so you can dive or crawl on your belly without damaging your supplies. Mounting your pouches vertically allows you to slide out equipment without increasing your profile and giving others a chance to hit you. Pouches high on your back should point up so you can reach over your shoulder and grab what you need, while pockets lower on your back should open downward so you can reach behind without too much twisting and exposing yourself.

4. Lace in an admin pouch in the front, high on your chest. This relatively flat case with zippered sides is perfect for holding maps, knives, small tools and other personal items such as a keychain and wallet so they are in your possession at all times. Hang a hydration pack high on your back so you can drink fluids while gaming and with a clip in the front of the vest you can hang the remote line so it doesn’t drag on the ground. The camel-back is designed for MOLLE compatibility using the lace-up PALS system.

5. Add a medic pouch somewhere on the side of the MOLLE vest. This is a good place for a multipurpose towel as well as a small first aid kit and any other lesser-used equipment you may need. The key to the MOLLE is versatility. There are hundreds of ways to configure a vest to your precise specifications. Experiment and find out what works best for your particular needs.