Set Up Laser Sights On A Crossbow

Use the laser scope for accuracy in hunting and target shooting.

Using a laser sight on a crossbow improves the accuracy of your shot. This makes for better hunting or target shooting. The key to gaining this increase in accuracy is in the set-up and alignment of the laser sight. Once the sight is mounted, head to the target range and begin the process of aligning and zeroing in the accuracy of the laser sight.


1. Mount the laser sights according to the maker’s installation instructions. Many crossbows come with the sights installed. If not installed, there will be instructions for the proper assembly of the crossbow and sight.

2. Load a quarrel into the crossbow and face the target. Look at the laser sight to find the two adjustments: the windage dial that controls the horizontal adjustments and the elevator dial that controls the vertical adjustments.

3. Look through the sight and find the red dot in the center of the sight. Your laser sight may have a three-dot system instead of a single dot. Cock the crossbow and take a shot at the target, aiming for the center.

4. Notice where you shotr landed in relation to the center. If the quarrel went to the left, turn the windage dial so the dot centers to the right of the sight. If the quarrel went too far to the right, turn the windage dial so the dot aligns further to the left of the sight.

5. Turn the elevator dial to the right to lower the sight if the quarrel went higher than your desired target. Turn the elevator dial to the left to raise the sight if it went below your desired target. Take another shot and check the adjusted laser sight. Continue to make these adjustments until you have the laser sight set to your needs.

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