Set Up Multiple Sights On A Black Gun

The black gun is a versatile model.

AR-15 pattern rifles, otherwise known as black guns, have become popular lately due to their adaptability. They are available in calibers large enough to take down large animals or small enough for everyday plinking. There are a wide variety of accessories that can be attached to your black gun to suit it to your particular needs. Options include long range scopes for varmint hunting, red dot sights and old-fashioned iron sights. You can set up multiple sights on your black gun.



1. Verify the gun is unloaded. To do this, remove the magazine, open the chamber, and ensure there are no bullets inside.

2. Place your black gun on a workbench or table horizontally, with the magazine well pointing toward you.

3. Decide where you want each sight to go. This is to ensure that they do not interfere with one another.

4. Attach the laser dot sight to the rail next to the ejection port by placing the laser’s attachment point on the rail and tightening the screws.

5. Pick the black gun up with the barrel facing away from you. Place the iron sights on the most rear as well as the most forward edges of the top picatinny rail. Screw it into place.

6. Hold the gun’s butt to your shoulder and place the reflex sight as close to you as comfortable on the gun’s top picatinny rail without interfering with the iron sights. Screw it into place.

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