Set Your Tippmann Custom Pro To Automatic

The TIppmann Custom Pro is one of the best and most upgradable paintball guns on the market. You can upgrade it in a variety of ways, from the trigger system to the barrel and beyond. Here are instructions for installing the TIppmann Custom Pro E-Trigger system, and also set the system to full automatic.


1. Empty all the paintballs from the gun. Remove the hopper, remove the air supply and fire the gun until it is depressurized. Turn the safety on.

2. Set the E-Trigger’s polarity to the gun you have. Using an Allen wrench, press and hold the power button for six seconds. The LED light should flash orange and then either green or red (if green press again). Red is set for Custom Pro-E.

3. Turn on the equalizer by pressing the power button for one-half second. The LED will flash orange and then flash red. To turn off, hold the power button until the LED turns solid red then release.

4. Enter the trigger program mode to set the trigger to full automatic (three shot automatic, meaning you must pull the trigger three times, then hold it to make the gun full automatic). To do so, first make sure the trigger is off, then set the trigger safety to fire position. Then pull and hold the trigger while you push the power button for one second. The LED will light up solid red to indicate that you are in the trigger program mode.

5. Advance to the firing mode menu item. Pull the trigger once to advance one menu item. When the LED alternates flashing green and orange it is set to the firing mode menu item.

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6. Press and hold the trigger until the LED light goes out to change the firing mode. Then wait two seconds and the LED will flash green. Repeat the process to change the firing mode. Three green flashes means three shot full automatic.