Sew Nylon Webbing

Nylon Webbing

When making a project with nylon webbing, it is often necessary to sew layers of nylon webbing together. Nylon webbing is a strong and stiff synthetic material. The thickness of nylon webbing makes it a challenge to sew. It is possible to machine stitch nylon webbing; however, a heavy duty needle and upholstery thread must be used. If sewing nylon webbing by hand, also use a heavy upholstery thread and strong hand needle.


Machine Stitch Nylon Webbing

1. Place the recommended sewing machine needle into the sewing machine and thread the machine with the upholstery thread.

2. Place the layers of nylon webbing into the sewing machine. Start sewing slowly and make sure that the machine is handling the heavy duty layers of webbing.

3. Sew the stitches with an even speed. Finish the stitching and remove the webbing from the sewing machine. Clip the stitches.

Hand Sew Nylon Webbing

4. Thread a size-18 hand sewing needle with an 18-inch length of upholstery thread. Pull the thread so that it is doubled and knot the ends.

5. Place the nylon-webbing pieces together and insert the needle through both layers of webbing along the edges of the webbing.

6. Stitch whip stitches along both edges of the nylon webbing to sew the nylon webbing layers together. Make an overhand knot and clip the thread when finished sewing.

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