Sew On Knee Patches

Sew on Knee Patches

Fortunately, repairs like sewing on patches to the knees of trousers and pants are simple to master. You can make your clothes go that extra mile or give them a whole new look when you learn sew on knee patches. Does this Spark an idea?


Prepare the Patch

1. Size up the hole you need to cover in the knee of your pants. This size will help dictate the amount of fabric you will need to patch it.

2. Cut a patch at least 1 inch larger than the hole to be patched all around. If you are trying to make this as invisible a repair as possible, be sure to select a matching fabric and cut the patch so that it follows the woven or printed pattern of your pants.

3. Fuse double-sided fusible to the patch, following the manufacturer’s instructions. It should be applied to the outer 1-inch edge, on whichever side of the patch you wish to affix to your pants.

Repair Your Pants

4. Remove the protective paper from the fused side of your patch. The fusible web will now be exposed and ready to apply to your pants.

5. Position the patch over or under the hole you wish to repair. Be sure to observe grain lines when positioning your patch–they should match those of the pants to which it is being applied.

6. Affix the patch with a hot iron, again following the manufacturer’s instructions regarding temperature and use of steam. You must be certain that the edges are firmly affixed before proceeding.

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7. Use a needle threaded with matching thread to catch the edges of the damaged area to the patch if you have applied it to the underside of your pants. If you are highly skilled at sewing, you may be able to duplicate the woven structure of the fabric to the point that your stitches will be invisible.

8. Sew decorative stitches around the patch with embroidery floss if you affix it to the right side of your pants to create a shabby chic look.