Ship A Hand Gun


You need to ship a HAND GUN & your not sure of the laws concerning this or even get it done. I have had to ship a few hand guns recently & this is what I have had to do


1. You will have to find a FFL Gun Dealer in your area that will ship the gun. Look online or on to find one. FFL Dealers are not required to make this service available to the general public & some will not do it. some that will ship a gun charge BIG BUCKS while others charge as low as $30 to ship a gun + the shipping fees

* (FFL – Federal Firearms License)

2. The buyer has to send you a signed copy of his gun dealer’ s FFL (Federal Firearms License). It can not be shipped to someone that does not have a Federal Firearms License. It is against the law ! ! !

In some cases the copy of the Federal Firearms License can be FAXED or email. Ask your dealer what he need for the buyer / buyers FFL gun dealer.

3. Take the gun & the buyers FFL to you local FFL gun dealer , there is a small amount of paperwork & you will need your drivers license or state issued ID Card. requirement differ for state to state , So again ask your Gun Dealer first.

4. Once you have filled out the paper work & paid your FFL dealer his fee & paid him the shipping fees , YOU ARE DONE. Make sure you have your FFL dealer give you a tracking number & the shipping insurance info. for your records. Just incase something happens while it is being shipped.

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