Shock Games To Play

Anyone looking for a easy (and free) way to kill time on the Internet should look no further than Around since 1998 and boasting more than 450 games, it’s easy to see why is a pick-up-and-play gamer’s paradise. But with all those titles, it’s going to be pretty tough to see them all. Keep these games in mind the next time you’re looking to unwind online.

In order to play any of the games on, you’ll need to download Shockwave player. Don’t worry; it’s free and you can do it right from the site.


Kinpira is a 3D platform game similar to Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast. Unlike Sonic, however, Kinpira is focused more on strength than speed. As you guide Kinpira on his quest to save his mother, you pick up rice cakes in order to up the little guy’s might. While at first you can only lift smaller items (like jars and torches), you’ll find it easier to lift heavier objects as you eat more and more, eventually being able to toss full-sized pirate ships. An incredibly adorable and family-friendly samurai game, Kinpira’s three levels can be enjoyed by just about anyone, though the play control does take a little getting used to.

Star Beacons

Oh, no! A race of adorable, unnamed water creatures is in trouble. The Armada has scattered the pieces of their sun about the galaxy, and it’s your job as the hero to recover them.

Playing much like the popular pachinko game Peggle, you control one of the water creatures on his quest to save his people. Piloting a golden space ship that fires orbs at aliens, the objective is to clear as many aliens and asteroids as possible while racking up the most points. A strangely addicting game, Star Beacons is simple and fun to play. You’ll be surprised how quickly you find yourself absorbed in its quirky cuteness (and jaunty soundtrack). Eventually you’ll find yourself plotting the best way to clear a stage, making you use your mind a lot more than you’d expect in this sort of game.

Use Boxmen

Greg Sergeant’s Use Boxmen is a puzzle platformer brimming with charm. You play as Boxman, a blocky individual with the ability to duplicate himself. To the sound of a relaxing, jazzy soundtrack, your objective is to guide Boxman through a series of puzzles using your wits and Boxman’s unique ability. Of course, you’re likely to make loads of mistakes, but no worries. Just hit the “R” key and the puzzle is reset, ready for you to give it another go. The puzzles get trickier as you go, so be prepared for a bit of a challenge. Easily one of the best and most relaxing games on, Use Boxmen should not be missed.