Shoot A Pellet Rifle Correctly

Pellet rifles come in a variety of forms. Extreme sports enthusiasts use pellet rifle replicas of real world firearms to fire shots at over 300 feet per second at one another in simulated military exercises. Simpler models, often referred to as “BB” guns, fire at only one to two hundred feet per second. Use of the proper techniques when firing either of these styles of pellet rifle ensures better accuracy and helps to prevent misfires and jams.


1. Kneel on one knee or lean into a shooting stand to help stabilize your shot. This will reduce the natural tendency of the body to waver.

2. Push the end of the rifle stock into your dominant shoulder. The stock should press on the area where the arm meets the shoulder. Use the left shoulder if you are left-handed, and vice versa.

3. Support the upper part of the rifle’s stock with your off-hand. Many rifles have grooves set in this area to make it easier to grip the rifle.

4. Align your target through the sight or scope. For traditional sights, look through the two rear sights and align the forward sight with the target. Scopes use a crosshair, which should be directly in line with the target.

5. Inhale gently as you align your shot. Proper breathing keeps you from gasping and brings your focus directly on the target.

6. Exhale as you fire. Your body is less likely to make small movements when you exhale, and this technique helps keep focus on the target.

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