Shoot A Target With A Laser Sight

Laser sights are often used in movies and TV shows as a dramatic way to show that a person is about to be shot. The real purpose of a laser sight is to aid the person holding the gun in lining up the shot he is going to take. Aiming a laser sight properly at a target requires following a few steps precisely. This will ensure that the target is properly lit up by the laser sight so you can take an accurate shot.


1. Turn off your laser sight. Raise your gun with the laser sight attached to it to eye level.

2. Look through your laser sight at the target, and note where you think the laser dot should appear. Fire at the target, and note where the target is hit.

3. Lower your gun, and turn the laser sight on. Raise your gun back to eye level, and look through the laser sight. Note where the laser dot is hitting the target, and compare that with where you thought the laser dot would be hitting the target.

4. Press the trigger of the gun, and fire off a round at the target. Compare that to where you hit the target when you weren’t using the laser sight. Note correct for the differences when you are shooting.

5. Line up the laser dot on the target, and fire off another round while looking through the laser sight.

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