Shoot An Invert Mini

A paintball player takes aim.

Shooting the Invert Mini is similar to shooting any other electronic paintball marker. However, the Invert Mini does have a few procedures that are unique to the marker. This marker shoots just like a top quality paintball marker but costs half the price.


1. Screw the compressed air tank on the back of the gun. This pressurizes the gun and is the propellant that fires the paintball.

2. Place the loader on the top of the marker and secure it tightly.

3. Fill the loader with paintballs. Turn the loader on if it is an electronic loader.

4. Turn the mini on by pushing the on/off button for one second. The light will go from green to red. When the light turns red, let go and the light should now be blinking green. This means your marker is ready to shoot.

5. Aim the marker at a target and pull the trigger. For increased rate of fire, experienced paintballers pull the trigger by alternating between their index and middle fingers.

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