Shoot An Mp40

The German MP40 submachine gun, also known as the “burp gun,” was introduced in 1940 and used heavily during World War II. This weapon matched the firepower of the U.S. Thompson submachine gun, which was used by some U.S. troops. Replicas of the MP40 and some originals are still in circulation around the world today. Shooting an MP40 must be done in accordance with federal and local laws. Civilian-legal semi-automatic versions of the MP40 are available and do not require a Federal Firearms License or a transfer fee.


1. Insert a loaded magazine into the magazine well. Slap the bottom of the magazine firmly. Listen for an audible click to ensure that the magazine is seated properly.

2. Pull the cocking lever to the rear. This action places the bolt face onto the round.

3. Hold the grip with your dominant hand. Hold the top of the magazine with the other hand. Shoulder the weapon and take aim through the front and rear sights. Center the front sight post within the rear sight aperture.

4. Center the target within the front and rear sight. Depress the trigger when you’re ready to fire. Repeat pressing the trigger to fire consecutive rounds.

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