Shoot The Sm8 Airsoft Gun

Shoot the SM8 Airsoft Gun

Airsoft makes simulations of combat weapons that fire 6mm plastic BBs. One of the most popular models is the Airsoft spring gun. The SM8 is the spring version of the XM8 assault rifle which requires manual cocking before each shot.


1. Load BB’s into the SM8 magazine by placing them on top of the magazine’s spring and pushing down. The BBs will stay locked inside the magazine if loaded correctly.

2. Insert the magazine into the rifle’s receiver. Make certain it is properly locked in place. This is usually indicated by a clicking sound when inserted into the gun.

3. Pull back the lever on top of the rifle barrel–the lever is also referred to as a charging handle–and then release it to cock the weapon. It will return to its original position on its own, since the mechanism is spring-loaded.

4. Turn the safety switch on the side of the weapon to the “Fire” position.

5. Line up your shot and pull the trigger to fire the round.

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