Shooting Stars Graduation Party Theme Ideas

Shooting stars can make a great theme for graduation parties.

A shooting star theme for a graduation party can be a great way to congratulate your child on his hard work over the past few years, while reminding him (and all of your guests) that great things are still in store. Though it is possible to throw a shooting-star-themed party just by using star shapes for decorations and invitations, a few creative twists can help make this a graduation party no one will forget. Does this Spark an idea?


Stars, of course, should be the main decoration theme. However, that doesn’t mean they have to be predictable or boring. You can find star-shaped confetti at most party stores or online to decorate tables. Christmas lights in the shape of stars are available; if you can’t find them or if they are out of your price range, twinkling regular Christmas lights can also give the impression of stars. Glow-in-the-dark star stickers, also available at party stores or arts and crafts suppliers, are a nice touch for once the sun goes down.


Getting a cookie cutter in the shape of a star can be a great way of turning regular party food into food fit for your shooting star graduation party. Cookie cutters also work on regular food like sandwiches. Of course, you can make cookies in this shape as well. A good bakery should be able to craft a star-shaped cake as well to complete the evening. Novelty shops may even carry star-shaped ice molds, helping you to freeze water into star shapes to give your drinks an extra touch of class.

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Several activities can help make your graduation party lively. Invest in several pairs of inexpensive binoculars and provide simple constellation maps, which are easy to find online. This way, once the sun goes down, your guests can entertain themselves by identifying the constellations. Another activity is to find trivia about the early careers of stars (whether they are sports stars or show business stars); write down fun facts about who used to work at McDonald’s or who used to train as a classical ballerina and have guests guess which “shooting star” started out where.