Sight In A Pistol With Lasergrips

Learn sight in a weapon with laser grips.

Sighting in a pistol is a process that any handgun owner must go through to ensure optimal firearm performance. Handguns equipped with regular factory sights require a process of loosening sight screws, and test-firing the weapon. A handgun with a laser grip installed is much more user-friendly, and requires a simple test fire to see if the apparatus is working properly. Typically, all laser grip sights are factory installed, though some gun enthusiasts prefer to install their own. It is wise to have the laser sight–especially with a laser grip application–installed by a professional licensed gunsmith.


1. Hold the weapon out straight with your dominant hand, aiming at the target, and cup your other hand under the grip.

2. Depress the laser sight by squeezing slightly around the pistol grip, adding just enough pressure to engage the laser button on the grip. You don’t want to squeeze too hard or your hand will begin to shake and your shot will not land on target. Just gently squeeze the grip enough to engage the laser.

3. Look though the rear sight and focus on the front sight post. Just as with all handgun sights, the front sight post should be centered in the rear sight, with the top of the front sight horizontally even with the top of the rear sight as you look though it. The laser dot should appear just on top of the front sight post.

4. Fire a round at the target by squeezing the trigger. Squeeze the trigger slow and steady to ensure that your shot lands on target.

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5. Check to make sure that your shot landed exactly where the laser was pointing. If the laser is slightly off center, the shot will not land on target. If your laser was factory installed, you should take it back and have the laser calibrated to your weapon. If you installed your laser sight, go back through your instruction manual and readjust the sight accordingly as all laser sights are manufactured differently.