Sight In A Rifle With A Laser Pointer

A laser bore pointer improves the accuracy of the sights.

Laser sighting has made it much easier to zero in a rifle and hit your target. Laser pointers that slip into the open muzzle, or bore, of a rifle are made in virtually all cartridge sizes. Designed to provide “one-shot” testing, the laser shows exactly where the bullet should hit based on your aim through the sights. Quick and convenient, the laser pointer is small enough to fit into your front shirt pocket.


1. Pick the distance at which you want to zero in the rifle and set up a target.

2. Secure the laser point in the bore of the unloaded rifle.

3. Place your rifle on the rifle rest and adjust until the laser dot is directly on target.

4. Look through the iron sights or scope to see how far they are off target. Adjust them according to the manufacturer’s instructions to bring them directly onto the target.

5. Double-check the laser sight to make sure it’s still on target. Make the necessary adjustments, then double-check the sights to ensure they are still on target.

6. Keep adjusting until both the laser dot and the sights are directly on target.

7. Remove the laser sight and load the rifle with your cartridge.

8. Test fire while sighting with the rifle directly on target.

9. Match the sighting with the hole in the target. It should be very close to the aim point.

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