Sightin And Aim A Paintball Marker

Sighting in a paintball marker is relatively easy, but necessary for success. It’s important to know where your marker is hitting before you start playing the game. There are several things to take into consideration when you sight in a marker and when you aim one.


1. Prepare for sighting in your paintball marker. Check to see that your paintball barrel size and the size of the paintballs you’re using match each other. Find this out by taking the barrel off of your marker. Slide a paintball into the end of the barrel that attaches to the marker. Blow through it. The paintball should have little resistance going down the barrel.

2. Check the velocity of your paintball marker as part of pre-sighting your gun in. Shoot your marker over a chronograph. It should not exceed 300 feet per second. This is the maximum speed that is allowed in most paintball games and tournaments. If your paintball marker has erratic speeds, it will be difficult to sight-in the marker.

3. Sight-in a paintball marker efficiently by knowing the capability of your paintball marker. This can only be accomplished through practice. Most markers nowadays don’t have sights. These markers are normally used in tournament play. Sighting in and aiming them is normally done by looking down the side of the marker, keeping your eye in line with the barrel. Consistent practice will achieve your goal.

4. Aim a paintball marker that is equipped with sights by aligning the rear sight with the front sight. Consistent velocity is critical on this type gun also. If your gun is erratic and shooting all around where you’re aiming, check to make sure your barrel has no broken paintballs inside. A dirty barrel will interfere with sight-in.

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