Sixteenthbirthday Ideas For Guys

Turing 16 is a milestone for young men and women

Sixteen is a milestone birthday for teens. Girls are often gifted with a sweet sixteen party, but boys celebrating this special birthday deserve an event hosted in their favor as well. Keep your teens likes and interests in mind when planning. Getting some feedback from him will ensure a successful event.

Paintball Party

A paintball party will be a lot of fun for teen boys

Let boys be boys with an all out shoot ’em up paint-ball party. Formulate teams beforehand to allow the guys time to come up with war strategies. Parents may have to sign waivers before kids can participate, so keep this in mind when planning. Instruct participants to wear old clothes with long sleeves and pants. Some paint-ball places will have pavilions where you can host a BBQ after the match. If not, plan a BBQ at home with a military theme. Serve cupcakes topped with camo-green frosting and little army men on top. Pour beverages into canteens and serve to continue the theme. Grill hot dogs and burgers with all the fixings for your hungry troops.

Surf Party

Guys that love surf culture will enjoy a surf themed bash

Host a surf party for a teen who loves the beach and outdoor fun. This kind of party would be best around a pool during the summer months, but a surf party could also be hosted to bring heat to a dreary winter. Instruct guests to come dressed in beachwear and provide festive lei’s for everyone to get in the mood. Play pool games like water volleyball and lawn games like balloon tosses. The limbo is another fun party game that would be perfect for a surf party. Serve fish fingers, grilled fish sandwiches and fresh fruit buffet style for teens to munch on. Tropical fruit punch served in whimsical coconut shells with drink umbrellas will make festive beverages. Play surf music on the speakers and a surf video on the television.

Vegas Bash

Bring Las Vegas fun to your teens birthday

Host a Vegas bash to celebrate a teen’s burgeoning independence. Set up your home to resemble a Vegas casino floor. Rent a roulette table, craps table and some slot machines from a party rental place. Set up card tables and hire or enlist friends as casino dealers. Make the theme feel more authentic by asking guests to dress in costume. They can come as gangsters, showgirls, tourists, Elvis impersonators or anything else they might come up with. Set up a lavish Vegas style buffet with shrimp cocktail and other finger foods. Serve sparkling cider in champagne glasses for high rollers. Use real casino chips and monopoly money for fun non-competitive play.