Slide Headfirst In Baseball

Sliding headfirst is the quickest way for a base runner to get to a base, particularly when trying to steal second base. The headfirst slide can also be dangerous, if done incorrectly. It’s worth taking the time to teach and practice this baseball fundamental.


1. Run as fast as you can toward the base. When you are about 7 or 8 feet from the base, lower your body and spring off your back legs.

2. Extend your arms toward the base. Make sure that your chest, forearms and thighs hit the ground at the same time. Spread the force of the slide over a large area of your body to reduce the shock when you hit the ground.

3. Keep your head up as you reach for the base.

4. Slide away from the tag. At second base, slide to the inside of the base and tag with your left hand if the shortstop takes the throw. If the second baseman takes the throw, slide to the outside, tagging the base with your right hand.

5. Aim for the far corner of the outfield side of the base when returning to first base on a pick-off attempt. Touch the base with the right hand.

6. Move toward the far corner of the base on the foul side when returning to third base on a pick-off attempt. Tag with the right hand.

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