Small Bachelor Party Ideas

The bachelor party is the groom’s last night as a single man.

It is said that a bachelor party should be a man’s most memorable night–a formal goodbye to his days as a single guy. While it is customary for the best man to plan a bachelor party, other groomsmen and the groom’s friends can help out by contributing ideas and funds. A bachelor party can be one last crazy night out or a low-key get-together for the groom and his closest buds. Does this Spark an idea?

Casino Party

If you can’t take your groom to Vegas–fake it at home.

To pull this party off, you can either visit a casino with some of the groom’s closest friends (if you’re lucky enough to be within traveling distance of one) or throw your own Vegas-themed party. Organize games like poker and blackjack and serve up drinks and finger foods. Cigars are optional.


Gather a few men for a mini road trip and head out to a vineyard. Enjoy a tasting and play a pickup game of soccer or football in the open grass. Rate the wines you’ve tasted and chip in to buy the groom one or two of his favorite bottles as a nod to his engagement. The groom will love this opportunity to be goofy with the guys outdoors and the stress it relieves before the big day.


Have fun acting silly and watching the groom belt out some of his favorite tunes from his years as a bachelor. Most karaoke bars will only require a small cover fee for entry and do not ask for reservations in advance. Hit up the bar, grab a few pitchers of lager and take turns on the microphone.

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See a Game

If the future groom has a favorite sport, he and a few guys can head out to see a game. Check out ticket prices for your local stadiums. Spring for box seats if you can swing it. Wrestling, boxing and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches are options to consider. Grab dinner before the event and make your toasts then. After the game or match, find a trendy bar for drinks and dancing.

Strip Club

You can always go super-traditional and take the future groom to a strip club. Be sure to check with him or his bride-to-be before making these arrangements–you don’t want an angry bride days before the big day. If the future groom has been to the clubs in his area, take him out of town for a change of scenery.

Other Options

Some other options to consider:





-Road trip (anywhere)


-Ski trip

-Video game tournament