Smart Parts Ion Instructions

Use the Ion marker when playing paintball.

Paintball is an amateur sport in which players compete, in teams or individually, to eliminate opponents by hitting them with paintballs fired from a device called a paintball marker, or paintball gun. The paintballs are typically made from non-toxic ingredients and are designed to release their colored content on impact, creating a paint splatter to show a target was hit. The Ion, a paintball marker made by Smart Parts, uses compressed air or CO2 to propel paintballs and can be set to multiple firing speeds.


1. Insert a 9-volt battery into the Ion’s battery compartment, using a screwdriver to remove the two screws from the left side of the Ion’s grip and lifting the compartment open. Place the battery in the compartment and tuck the wires into the space above the battery, then close the compartment and reinstall the screws.

2. Screw the included barrel onto the Ion. Place the provided barrel blocker over the end of the barrel and secure the cord as far back on the body as possible, then cinch the cord tight.

3. Fill your loader with paintballs and insert it into the feedneck, then tighten in a clockwise motion to secure. Turn the pressure system on by slowly turning the valve of the attached compressed air system to the “On” position, or by attaching a pre-filled CO2 system to the pressure system inlet.

4. Hold the power button down for two seconds to turn the Ion on. The unit will turn on with the “Vision Mode” already activated and the light will blink slowly if there is no paintball loaded, or quickly if there is. De-activate the “Vision Mode” by pressing the power button briefly until it blinks twice. Turn the unit off by pressing and holding the power button for an additional two seconds.

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5. Fire the Ion by pulling the trigger. Adjust the firing mode by increasing or decreasing the “Firing Mode” setting. Mode “0” fires one shot per trigger pull; mode “1” fires more than one shot per pull if the trigger is pulled at a rapid pace; mode “2” fires up to three consecutive shots when the trigger is pulled and held, and mode “3” allows the Ion to be fired repeatedly while the trigger is held.