Sodamaking Machines

Soda-making machines allow users to choose their flavors and make soda with less waste than commercial products.

There are a multitude of soda-making machines on the market, but most of them are manufactured by SodaStream. These machines allow users to make their own soda at home without the cost to themselves or the environment that typical canned or bottled soda incurs. Most are made to sit on the counter, but other companies make them small enough to fit in a pocket. Add this to my Recipe Box.


SodaStream products offer users the chance to turn tap water into sparkling water or sodas in less than 30 seconds. One SodaStream carbonator can make 60 to 110 liters, which is equal to 170 to 310 aluminum cans of soda. After it is emptied, the carbonator can be refilled and reused with new sodamix and carbonating bottles. The machines require no batteries or electricity, and they allow soda to be made in more than 30 flavors.

Soda Club Home Soda Maker

The Soda Club Home Soda Maker includes a carbonator tank that can be refilled after making 110 liters of seltzer. There are multiple flavor packets available from orange to cola. The Edition 1 kit comes with the carbonator, two carbonating bottles and a set of soda syrups.

Fizz Giz

The Fizz-Giz machine is a portable unit that will fit in the silverware drawer or even the users’ pockets. It can be used to make soda or even to carbonate fruit juice. The Fizz-Giz allows users to agitate bottles while mixing, so the company says it makes the soda more carbonated than other brands. Although not as easily located as a SodaStream machine, the Fizz-Giz can be found on the Internet.

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