Soft Air Guns For Kids

Airsoft guns have been questioned over the years in terms of safety for children. The guns shoot lightweight plastic balls the size of a BB, and rarely cause injury. If a parent decides a child is mature enough to use one of these guns, all safety precautions should be taken. Children should wear the proper face gear to prevent a chipped tooth or a sore eye, and use should be limited to older children past the age of eight.

Stryker Combat Zone Air Soft Gun

This pistol-sized air soft gun was customer-rated at the Bass Pro shop with a 4.5 out of 5. This gun is smaller than a lot of the large machine-gun style air guns, and is easier for a child to use. The gun is equipped with a 13 round drop-out magazine, and holds 90 BBs at a time. It has a special 1911 functioning grip safety, and a sturdy metal barrel. The gun comes with 400 extra BBs.

Mini Uzi SMG by Cyber Gun

These guns are even safe for indoor use.Small and easy to use, this electric air soft gun can be used by children ages eight to ten. It is a fully automatic gun, and shoots 6mm BBs in a full-length, continuous stream. It also comes with an extra package of BBs. The price is economical as well, as it is priced around $23.

Stunt Police Air Soft Shotgun 44

The Stunt Police is semi-automatic with an autoloader that makes it easier to use for children. For safety, it is equipped with an anti-shock ABS and an aftermath spin-shot system. This is one of the top-rated guns at the Bass Pro Shops. It uses 6mm caliber BBs, and has adjustable sights. The price is around $35.

Taurus 24.7 Spring Air Soft Pistol

At around $50, this quality pistol is one of the top rated air soft guns at Bass Pro Shops. It is a smaller hand-held gun, perfect for a child’s grip, and more comfortable with a soft rubber handle. For competitive kids, this gun has a great accuracy rating with a BAXS shooting system. It has a 25 shot magazine, and the velocity is measured at 315 feet per second.