Speedball & Paintball Rules


Paintball has been gaining in popularity since it was invented. This sport involves shooting paintballs, which are small balls filled with a water based paint, at the opposing players or team. When someone gets hit, he is out of the game. This game is commonly played in backyards and at commercial paintball fields. While rules may vary from place to place, there are basics that most always be followed.

Paintball Safety

Every public paintball and speedball field has strict rules about paintball safety. A barrel plug is required when paintball guns are not in use. A barrel plug fits into the end of the barrel and prevents paintballs from being shot. When paintball players get on the paintball field, they must always put on a paintball mask. Paintball masks have face and ear protection. They also have plastic goggles that are designed to withstand the force of paintballs. A final important rule at many paintball fields is to avoid shooting other players at close distances. Shooting someone at a range of less than 10 feet can cause bruises and even bleeding.

Listen to the Referee

Many public paintball fields and speedball fields have referees that help regulate the game. Players must always listen to the referee and never shoot them. Purposely shooting the referee will commonly result in the removal of the player from the field. Referees help determine which players have been shot, ensure that proper safety regulations are followed and start and stop the game.

Paintball Equipment

Paintball fields do not allow the use of full-auto modes on paintball guns. These modes allow the gun user to shoot excess amounts of paint at the other team. Also, paintball guns must be chronographed prior to being used. A chronograph determines the speed that the paintball is shot out of the gun. Typically, paintball guns must shoot paintballs at a speed less than 300 feet per second.

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Speedball, like other types of paintball games, has specific rules. In this type of game, each team must eliminate all the players on the other team by shooting them with paintballs. Players cannot move any of the obstacles that are on the field and must stay within the bounds of the course. A paintball player can carry additional paintballs on his body but is not allowed to leave the course to restock or fix his gun. If a player runs out of paintballs or his gun jams, he is allowed to continue playing as a decoy. Players are also allowed to move to any part of the field, even the opposite side where the other team started.