Splatter Abstract Artwork

Sometimes there seems to be no rhyme or reason to abstract art, at least to the casual observer. Jackson Pollock, one of the originators of this type of liquid paint art, said it made him feel “in the painting” when he added splatters from all four sides of his canvas. This technique is fun for adults as well as children and sometimes produces surprisingly interesting results.


Splatter Abstract Artwork

1. Change into old clothes that you don’t mind ruining with paint. Choose a clear place outdoors away from houses, cars, cement walk and driveways.

2. Tack a large piece of heavy paper or canvas to a tree, or if you prefer, to the ground.

3. Thin the paint with water if it is too thick. Dip a paint brush into the liquid paint and sling it back and forth in front of the paper. Use up-and-down and side-to-side motions with arm extended. You may also use a spoon to dip into the paint and drip or splatter the paint onto the canvas.

4. Use a stiff brush, such as a vegetable brush, to make tiny splatters. Dip the ends of the bristles into the paint. Extend your hand toward the paper, and with your thumb, rub over the ends of the bristles from the front of the brush back toward you, letting them go rapidly as they splatter tiny droplets of paint onto the paper.

5. Dip a 10-inch piece of cotton string in the paint and sling it onto the paper. It will leave interesting lines with tiny splatters on either side.

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