Splatter Paint A Bedroom

Splatter Paint a Bedroom

If you want to splatter paint your bedroom walls, prepare to get a little messy. Splatter painting can be a fun activity, but it will require you to get paint just about everywhere in your room — and on yourself. Wear old clothes and goggles and lay down drop cloths. There is not one right way to splatter paint walls. Every wall can look different; the lack of uniformity attests to the uniqueness and creativity of the technique. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Put on old clothes, goggles and plastic gloves. You are getting ready to get very messy.

2. Cover your bedroom floor with drop cloths and secure with painter’s tape. Cover trim with painter’s tape if you do not want it to be splattered.

3. Select between three and five colors to splatter on the walls. Pour the paint into separate buckets or trays.

4. Dip paint brushes of varying widths into the paint. The brushes should contain a good amount of paint, but should not be dripping with paint.

5. Flick the paint brush with a quick turn of your wrist so that the paint splatters on the wall. This technique will produce small splatters. Larger splatters require larger brushes or sponges.

6. Soak a large sea sponge into water. Squeeze out all the water. Dip the sponge into a bucket of paint. Cover it completely with paint.

7. Throw the sponge against the wall. The splatter will be much larger than the brush splatters. Repeat with different colors.

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