Sports Holsters Disadvantages

Urban Tool’s Sport Holster is designed to hold Mp3 players and other personal items.

The Urban Tool Designs Sport Holster is a lightweight, ergonomic minimalist backpack designed to hold keys, change and MP3 players for people participating in parkour. The Sport Holster fits over each arm and across the back like a vest or a backpack and has a number of pockets and clips to hold various sundries. The Sport Holster has received strong reviews, but does have a few drawbacks.

Fit and Styling

The Sport Holster fits over the back and shoulders like a vest. According to Gear Diary, some reviewers experienced irritation and chaffing from the reflective string along the top of the holster. Gear Diary says: “I do find the back reflective strip (along the neck) to be a bit irritating as I run. It is a bit rough and it rubs along my neck, but it is fine if I wear a shirt with a higher neckline in the back.” Devon Parkour writes that the look of the Sport Holster is “a bit unusual.”

Pockets and Protection

The Sport Holster is designed for use in extreme running and parkour. As such, it is designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive. According to Devon Parkour, the small size of the back pocket disallows carrying even a small water or drink bottle. According to Parkour Helper, the back pocket is also rendered useless for carrying anything if you will be practicing rolls as any delicate cargo would be smashed.


According to Parkour Helper, the Sport Holster comes with a price tag of $59.99, as of August 2010. “The fact that the back pocket is rendered useless when practicing rolls takes away from the value as only one pocket remains. What would normally seem a little high priced becomes a little pricier when function is taken into consideration,” Parkour Helper says, and, because of the small size of the pockets, you cannot hold too many items.

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