Spyder Imagine Paintball Gun Information

Spyder Imagine Paintball Gun Information

The Spyder Imagine is an older select-fire paintball marker made by Kingman. It is a mid- to entry-level marker that has features found on more expensive markers.

Select Fire

The Imagine has three firing modes: single-shot, three-shot burst and full automatic. Many organized paintball fields will allow you to use only the single-shot mode.


The marker retains the styling of previous Spyder offerings while adding a double trigger and a low-pressure chamber in the fore-grip. The chamber allows for the expansion of C02, enhancing C02 efficiency.


Released in 2004, the Imagine has been replaced by Kingman with newer models like the Electra and Pilot.


While it is an older model, as of late 2009 the Imagine can be purchased online for half of the price of new markers. If you purchase it with an accessory pack, the total price is still lower than a ew marker.


The Spyder Imagine can be extremely dangerous if used without the proper eye and face protection. Make sure it is calibrated to fire at the velocity recommended by the manufacturer.