Stag Weekend Ideas

Planning a Vegas getaway is one idea to celebrate a stag weekend.

It is believed that bachelor parties have been around since the 5th Century, B.C.E., when the ancient Spartans threw the very first bachelor parties for grooms on the night before the wedding. Back then, a dinner was served for the groom and his friends, but today stag weekends are known to be thrilling adventures to celebrate the last few days of single life. If you’re planning a stag weekend soon, there are a variety of activities to consider in celebrating the occasion.


Skydiving is a great group activity for thrill-seekers.

Start the last weekend of singledom with an adrenaline-packed skydiving adventure. You don’t need any experience for tandem skydiving, and training is included in the price. is a skydiving resource where you can learn what skydiving companies are operating in your area.

Las Vegas

Make a Vegas getaway on your Stag weekend.

Las Vegas is a popular destination for stag weekends because of the endless entertainment and round-the-clock gambling. Organize a weekend getaway with your wedding party by planning a road-trip to the City of Sin. offers a long list of activities for those on a stag weekend. Clubs, golfing adventures, bars and events such as Hard Rock Cafe concerts are all offered in Vegas.


Paintball is a thrilling adventure for stag weekends.

If you want to organize an ultimate outdoor stag weekend, then paintball might be something to consider. You can play in the woods or at a paintball center, and fire away at the opposite team until you achieve victory. has a long list of paintball outdoor fields and playing centers across the United States. Many paintball centers offer group discounts, so be sure to call ahead for a reservation for your party.