Stage Getting Shot

Staging getting shot requires more steps than many people think.

Staging getting shot is a project that can be used for plays, movies and goofing off. You can stage the fight for nearly any reason, just make sure that everyone around the fake shooting knows it is pretend, or else you may have some explaining to do to the police later. Only stage a fight in a private location, to avoid legal trouble. Use realistic-looking fake guns and fake blood to make the fake gunfight seem realistic.


Staging the Fight:

1. Decide where to host the fight. Keep the location in a safe, private area. It is not a good idea to stage a gunfight in the middle of a public street or building.

2. Create a plot for the fight. Decide who is fighting whom and why. Give everyone lines to memorize for the staged fight.

3. Practice the fight a few times without the use of guns or fake blood. The actors must learn to react suddenly, just like they would in a real fight.

Adding Realism:

4. Glue the pipe piece inside the mouth of the bottle using the epoxy glue. Stick just enough of the pipe through the mouth to reach the area of the bottle where it starts to widen.

5. Fit the PVC adaptor over the other end of the pipe and glue in place. Screw the release valve onto the other end of the adapter.

6. Plug one side of the hose with a hose plug. Cut a small hole in the end of the hose about 3 inches away from the plug with a utility knife. Cover the hole with a small piece of tape. Fill the hose with fake blood. Fit one adaptor into the other end of the hose.

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7. Open the release valve on the bottle. Place the third PVC adaptor over the end of the valve. Pump the bottle full of air. Close the valve and unscrew the adapter. Screw the hose adaptor onto the release valve.

8. Hide the tubing under the person’s clothing who will get “shot.” Store the bottle full of air pressure nearby, such as in a bag that the person is carrying. Unscrew the release valve just as the other person pulls the trigger on the gun. This will cause the blood to squirt out over the first person’s clothing.