Start A 3man Paintball Team

Choose a three-man paintball team to play casually or professionally.

Paintball is a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends and family members. Serious paintball enthusiasts may wish to gather together a few of these friends and fellow paintball lovers to start a three-man team. The team can be organized to play casually against other local groups or can be organized to compete professionally on a regional or national level. There are many points to consider when organizing a three-man paintball team.


1. Contact any friends, family members or people you have met at a local paintball field and ask if they wish to join a team. Pick up fellow paintball enthusiasts that have the time, resources and equipment to play on a regular basis.

2. Gather the prospective team members together and discuss your goals and motivations for the group. For instance, you may wish to compete professionally while another potential member may only wish to casually play on the weekends.

3. Organize a practice schedule. Meet with the new members of your paintball team on a regular basis to practice. Make sure that each member knows maintain his equipment. During these meetings you should also organize strategies and choose a team captain and name.

4. Practice together. This practice could entail playing one another or finding another paintball team or group of men or women that are willing to play against you as a team.

5. Seek sponsorship, if desired. Ask local businesses, friends or family members to sponsor you in order to pay for tournament entrance fees, team uniforms and equipment. In return, businesses can be offered free advertising or a share of any winnings.

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6. Play at local or regional tournaments. Information for these tournaments can be located at a local paintball field’s website or through advertising at the local fields. Before this occurs, make up team uniforms and practice your plays and strategies.