Start A Fishing & Gun Club Or Organization

Starting a fishing and gun club brings together people with similar interests.

Clubs and organizations are beneficial parts of many communities as they bring together people interested in similar hobbies to learn and socialize. A fishing and gun club or organization offers opportunities for members with interests in these areas to meet other people with similar interests. Anyone can start a fishing and gun club or organization.


1. Find out if enough interest exists to start a fishing and gun club in your area by talking with other hunters, anglers and gun enthusiasts in your community. Ask if they would join a new club or organization as well as what days and times work best for meetings and gatherings.

2. Arrange meetings. Use the information you gathered when talking to prospective members to set a time and date for meetings. Find a community center, church or lodge you can use as a meeting location. Create an email list, website or group page on Facebook as a way to keep people informed about upcoming meetings and events.

3. Register your group. Complete a form with your city hall to register your group as a civic organization in your community. Learn if this qualifies you for any funding from the local city or county government or if you are required to raise funds on your own. Apply to become a nonprofit organization with tax exempt status by completing the correct Internal Revenue Service forms. This allows you to accept donations from members and people in the community as well as purchase supplies needed for club activities and events without being required to pay sales tax.

4. Plan activities. Create events and activities for your organization that appeal to its members, such as fishing trips or shooting target practice. Develop social activities that encourage members to get to know one another such as a cookout or a fish fry. Give back to the community by sponsoring hunter safety courses, fishing days for kids and other similar activities.

5. Hold fundraisers. Put together fishing and gun activities that help raise money for your club or organization such as fishing derbies or hunting competitions. Seek out donations from private individuals or companies and businesses. Ask members to pay monthly or yearly dues to help raise money for your club and pay a portion of the expenses for your activities and events that aren’t self-sustaining.

6. Promote the club. Create flyers advertising upcoming club activities and post these in locations frequently visited by hunters and anglers, such as sporting goods stores, tackle shops and shooting ranges. Use your website or Facebook page to list your upcoming activities. Ask the local fish and game office to put the contact information for your club on their website, since many fishing and gun enthusiasts visit the page for license, hunting and fishing information.