Start A Local Basketball Team

Basketball can be played at many levels such as; professional, college, high school, recreation, or just plain old streetball. Most basketball enthusiast dream, would be to play some sort of organized and competitive basketball, that offers recognition and reward in the end. In this article I will show the best steps to take if you desire to start your own local basketball team.


1. Find the available leagues in your community and get a copy of all their requirements. Look in the yellow pages under recreational sports, or you can always google basketball leagues in your area. The top two perpetual leagues would be the YMCA, and the city’s recreation department. These two are open to everyone. There are other leagues that are run by organizations such as churches, but in some cases these entities have restrictions on who can or cannot join their league.

2. Make a list of all the potential players you would want to be apart of your team. Be sure they are all eligible to participate in accordance to the leagues requirements. If you don’t know enough people eligible to play create a flyer with all the specifications inviting people to play for the team. If you have more players than you need, you may want to hold a simple tryout where you can determine what players will best fill whatever vacancies you have.

3. Contact all the participants you chose to be on your team, and collect their registration fee. The sooner you register your team, the better. Basketball leagues fill up fast. The registration fee will vary depending on the leagues demand.

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4. Create a team handbook that states all the teams rule and regulations. Include a mission statement and any recurring fees. A handbook gives you a extra hint of structure that will help you acheive your goals as a team.

5. Locate a suitable practice place, preferably inside. If the location must be rented you may want to split the cost with the team members by creating a team dues system. Obviously to save on cost, you can find the best public park available. Ask all the players to bring their own ball.

6. Choose your team name and colors. Try to choose a name that inspires all your teammates or players.

7. Solicit local businesses to sponsor your organized team. If you find a sponsor they will be responsible for purchasing the team uniforms. You may have to place their business name or logo on the team jerseys as a promotion agreement.