Start A Manufacturing Company

Some companies manufacture and distribute their own products, some companies manufacture under contract the goods that other companies design and distribute, and some companies do both. Regardless of your business model, establishing a manufacturing company requires careful planning and risk management because of the potential for worker injuries, toxic materials spills and product defects.


Plan Your Business

1. Research in detail the products you intend to manufacture so you will know as much as possible about the raw materials, specialized or hazardous materials, manufacturing processes and the vendors you’ll be dealing with.

2. Research in detail the equipment you will need so you will know as much as possible about purchase price, cost of maintenance, the pros and cons of different models of machinery, installation requirements and which vendors will be the most helpful.

3. Make sure you know the zoning laws where you intend to locate your business, and develop a good relationship with your local planning commission so you will know whom to call with questions or problems before you make a costly mistake.

4. Write your business plan, fully describing what you intend to manufacture and how you will market your services or products, and include any information you have about hazardous materials requirements. Forecast your start-up costs, operating costs and expected revenues.

5. After you know your electrical requirements, zoning requirements for the use and storage of certain materials, building structure requirements and anything else that may affect your choice of location for your manufacturing facility, you are ready to begin working with leasing agents to find a building.

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