Start A Paintball Team

Organize your fellow players to work and practice together as a team and you’ll intensify the thrill of the game.


1. Organize 5 to 15 paintballers you know and trust. Everyone should have his or her own equipment.

2. Play together and talk about organizing a team. Do you all have similar motivations and expectations?

3. Decide on a captain and a name for your team. The captain should be the most organized player, and a good leader, not necessarily the best player.

4. Seek sponsorship. Talk about what you would like from your sponsors (supplies, money, discounts, etc.) and explain to them what you will be doing in return (patronage, advertising, image). Be realistic and don’t expect too much.

5. Find a home field. (See “Find a Paintball Field.”) It should be somewhere local where you all like to play. Talk with the owner and see how he feels about your team calling his field “home.” Offer to help referee and clean up in exchange for discounts or use of a practice field.

6. Play together as a team as much as possible, focusing on tactics and strategy. Talk before and after each game about what went right and wrong.

7. Enter a tournament and represent your sponsors well by displaying good sportsmanship whether you win or lose.

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