Start A Scenario Paintball Team

Scenario paintball is an outdoor activity that can be a highly entertaining way to spend a day, as well as a great source of cardiovascular exercise. Starting your own scenario paintball team, either with friends or fellow players from your area, enables you take part in leagues or tournaments.


1. Research local paintball fields that offer scenario paintball, either as single-play or league options.

2. Learn the rules associated with the field you will be playing at–and study the field, if possible–to avoid any mistakes and to help plan strategy.

3. Hold tryouts if you will be attempting to field your team based solely on talent, not just on playing with friends. Tryouts can take place at a field with in-field observation, or in any area where you can test players’ shooting and other practical skills, such as ability to use cover and speed.

4. Practice with your team before entering into league matches to ensure your team functions as a single unit.

5. Enter every match with a concrete strategy, though one that can be adapted on the fly to counter opposing moves. Your strategy should be based on using your teammates’ strengths, and covering their weaknesses.

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