Start An Outdoor Laser Tag Business

Outdoor laser tag is a fun, family-friendly, recreational activity that combines the best elements of indoor laser tag and paintball, making it an excellent alternative for those who enjoy the thrill of paintball, without the bruises. Using a laser tag system, outdoor laser tag can be played on any type of terrain, under almost any weather condition, making it a much cheaper investment than an indoor option. Additionally, you can easily set up a mobile system and take it to your clients for an additional fee.


1. Contact your local county clerk or licensing department to learn the rules governing outdoor laser tag in your county. Learn of zoning requirements, perimeter markings and safety measures that you will need to implement on your property.

2. Secure a suitable, well-drained location for your laser tag field. While a complicated terrain with plenty of natural barriers such as trees or hills is ideal, it may not be feasible, particularly if such land is located outside of city limits. Another option is to implement your own barriers, such as inflatable barriers, tires, wagon wheels, faux rocks, plywood, bales of hay and large wire spindles. Keep in mind that since laser tag does not involve the projectiles involved in paintball, you can use just about any material to create a barrier.

3. Implement a theme, particularly if using man-made barriers. Spray paint your plywood to create structures similar to those found in video games such as Call of Duty or Halo.

4. Construct a pro shop in which to sell camouflage gear and face paint, little bags in which customers can store wallets, novelty items, bottled water and snacks. Install lockers that customers can rent. Construct a designated staging area, whether indoors or out, where teams can organize and plot strategy. Games can exceed four hours; consider constructing a cafe or grill.

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5. Purchase a laser tag system designed for outdoor use, such as those manufactured by Battlefield Live or Steradian Technologies. Considerations for your equipment include the length of time that a gun will remain charged, compatibility with other systems, whether there is an anti-cheat switch, the range of the gun, configuration options and individual scoring. Start with about 20 guns. Once your business expands, you can invest in more. If you intend to offer mobile services, invest in a commercial truck and trailer.

6. Purchase liability insurance in the amounts required by your state. Create a liability waiver for participants or parents of participants to sign prior to engaging in activities. If necessary, consult with an attorney to help you draw up a waiver.

7. Hire employees to operate your shop and grill and then open your doors for business.