Start Paintball Camps In New York


Operating a paintball camp is an enjoyable business experience. Think of your paintball camp as summer camp and war games combined. Youth develop leadership skills and learn interact as a team while having the time of their life. New York ideal for this type of environment, due to an abundance of wilderness and mountain settings. If you would like to start a paintball camp in New York, read this guide to learn how.


Start Paintball Camps in New York

1. Draft a plan for your paintball camp. Although this is a camp, it is, at its core, a business. Identify how your camp will operate and how it will handle challenges that are common to the industry, particularly those that are specific to New York. The business plan should identify the New York county in which you will operate, and the surrounding counties in which you will advertise.

2. Find a location for your paintball business. An area measuring 10-20 wooded acres should be sufficient, although larger lots would certainly add value to the paintball experience. The Catskills mountain range or the Hudson River are ideal locations. Weigh your options and choose the location that is best for you.

3. Hire a company to build separate barracks-style cabins for each team the camp will host, plus one for the staff and referees. Build a chow hall or mess tent, along with any other accommodations you feel are necessary. Most rural areas in New York have various species of trees and types of stone that can be used to build these structures. This will help blend the camp into the natural surroundings.

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4. Build multiple base camps for “capture the flag” games, as well as random battle emplacements and trenches for standard war games. Making log structures from trees that are native to your part of New York will help the camps blend into the environment.

5. Organize a camp schedule. Determine when your camp will run, how long it will last and what the daily routine will be during camp. Training normally takes place in the morning, and games in the afternoon. Remember considerations that are unique to New York, such as seasonal weather conditions, local wildlife and native insects.

6. Register your paintball camp as a business with the office of the County Clerk where your camp is located, or with the New York Secretary of State’s office. You may also require special permits locally, such as those for childcare. The childcare licensing will vary, depending upon local ordinances and statutes of the county your camp is located in. Contact the County Clerk’s office for additional information.

7. Hire an attorney to draft legal release forms that must be signed by both parents and children. The form should clarify that there is a risk of injury associated with paintball games, and that all parties will not hold the paintball camp financially accountable in such instances. Use forms that conform to New York state law.

8. Determine what equipment will be provided with the enrollment of the paintball camp. It is usually a good idea to provide basic equipment as part of the camp package. Give participants an opportunity to purchase more advanced equipment from the camp. If teams are to wear camouflage, consider the season and the type of foliage that is in the section of New York where your camp is located.

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9. Advertise the opening of your paintball camp. Schools and youth facilities are a great way to recruit kids to go to your camp, as are newspapers and local radio stations. The core advertising should be in the county where your camp is, as well as surrounding counties.