Sterilize Co2 Cartridges

Carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges are used in a variety of ways. Large canisters are used in restaurants for adding carbon dioxide to beverages; smaller cartridges are used as a propellant for paintball guns and other projectile weapons. CO2 cartridges can get dirty and require regular cleaning, depending on how they’re used. Cleaning and sterilizing CO2 cartridges can be done fairly quickly and with a limited amount of supplies.


1. Wash your hands with soap and water. You need your own hands to be clean before you can sterilize anything else.

2. Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball or swab.

3. Run the cotton swab over the exterior of the cartridge to remove any dirt and debris that can feed bacteria. The alcohol will also kill off any bacteria already present and will sterilize the cartridge.

4. Wipe any excess rubbing alcohol off the cartridge with a clean, dry rag. The inside of the cartridge should already be sterilized because pressurized C02 makes it difficult for bacteria to grow.

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