Stop Being A Noob In Games

Stop Being a Noob in Games

For gamers, calling someone a “noob” can be worse than insulting his mother. It’s not just a bad spelling of “newbie”–it means someone is too stupid to learn about the game and become experienced. Some players kill noob characters for fun. Most gamers will want to avoid being this type of target.


1. Study as many game guides as you can. You can find the guides at a bookstore or posted online by fans. Learn the basics first so you won’t look like a total idiot and then build your knowledge slowly.

2. Learn the lingo of the games. Not knowing the slang is a big noob giveaway. Some of the terms are simple (gp means gold pieces, pvp is player vs player), but some games have their specific terms that can be harder.

3. Trick your character out as soon as possible. Get him some effective armor and weapons, or at least some cool-looking ones. “Noob” is essentially the gaming version of “nerd,” so looking the part is half the battle.

4. Build up your experience quickly, probably at a time when few others are playing the game. This should reduce your chances of hearing that word while you work (unless the few who are playing are mostly hardcore gamers).

5. Keep the number of games you play small–one or two should be enough. The fewer you play, the less you have to learn about. And no one can call you a noob if you have no contact with them in a game.

6. Avoid any actions in the game that make you look like a noob. The biggest example is begging others for items because you got killed or scammed. Insulting or swearing at others is a big no-no too.