Store Guns In Carrying Cases

Gun carry cases are designed to transport guns from one point to another by providing a durable shell around a padded lining on the inside. Gun cases feature outer shells made of materials including canvas, hard plastic, wood and aluminum. Although most cases are designed for short-term transport purposes, there are durable cases on the market which, with the proper measures, can be used for storage.


1. Select a case which is capable of locking and provides somewhat of a seal against the elements. The case must either have a built in locking mechanism or ability for a padlock to be attached. There should also be an adequate seal against the elements which will prevent the majority of moisture from entering the case.

2. Choose a desiccant device which will fit inside the case with the gun and will not damage the firearm. Silica gel packs are an economical and effective means of controlling excess moisture. Moisture trapped inside of a storage case will eventually corrode and rust the finish of a gun. Follow manufacturers directions on use of the silica packs.

3. Apply a thin coating of multipurpose oil or gun oil to the surface of all accessible metal parts on the gun. The oil will help to remove any moisture on the metal and provide a protective barrier against moisture. This step will also remove damaging oils from finger and hand prints which will rapidly damage a stored gun.

4. Place the gun in the case along with the silica gel pack(s). Make sure there are no rough edges making contact with the gun and the silica packs do not contact the gun. Close the case and lock for safety.

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5. Check the gun periodically inspecting for signs of rust or corrosion. Wipe the gun down with oil and change the silica gel packs as needed.