Store Guns In Pvc Pipes

PVC pipe locks out air and moisture.

Proper care and storage of a gun will extend its use and thereby make it safer for firing. Survivalist enthusiasts may wish to store their weapons for long periods of time, either underground or in other places that would otherwise subject a weapon to corrosive air and moisture. A homemade PVC pipe container will keep out air and water and keep your gun protected for future use.

Rust Prevention

Unload your gun to prevent any accidental discharge. Clean your weapon thoroughly by wiping away any grime or dirt with an oil cloth, then wipe all the metal parts with a silicone rag. Spray all the metal parts of your gun with rust prevention oil containing Teflon. This oil will protect the metal from deterioration and the Teflon will put a protective coating on the metal surface. If you plan to store your weapon for long periods underground, disassemble the gun and apply the rust prevention oil to all of the parts.

Moisture Control

The air inside the PVC pipe will contain moisture that can corrode your weapon. Pick up some desiccant packets and polyethylene bags at any sporting goods or hunting store. The bag will keep out moisture and the desiccant will absorb existing moisture. After cleaning your weapon, place it inside the polyethylene bag along with several desiccant packets. If you have access to a vacuum sealer, use it to suck all the excess air from the polyethylene bag and shrink wrap it around the weapon. Alternatively, put the rifle and desiccant packets inside a polyester-acrylic blend gun sock.

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You can construct a homemade PVC pipe gun storage container in a few steps. Go to any hardware store and pick up some 6-inch diameter PVC pipe, PVC pipe caps and PVC solvent. You’ll need a few tools, including a saw, tape measure and medium-grade sandpaper, all of which you can also acquire at a hardware store. Measure the length of your gun with the tape measure and then mark a piece of PVC pipe at a length about four inches longer than that of your weapon. Cut the 6-inch diameter PVC pipe with a saw at the point where you marked it. Sand down the cut edges to remove any plastic burrs and to leave a smooth surface for the PVC pipe caps. Apply PVC pipe sealant to one of the PVC pipe caps. Insert the pipe cap in one end of the cut PVC pipe and hold it in place until the sealant bonds the cap to the pipe. Wrap this end in Teflon tape.


Seal the PVC pipe container with the other PVC pipe cap after placing the weapon inside. If you plan to store the weapon for short periods of time, attach the PVC pipe cap to the remaining open end and seal it with Teflon tape. If you plan to store the weapon for longer periods of time, apply PVC sealant to the pipe cap and hold it in place until the sealant bonds the cap to the pipe. Wrap both ends in plastic tape for short-term storage; wrap the entire pipe in Teflon tape for longer periods of storage or if you plan to store the weapon underground.

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Lay the PVC pipe container horizontally in the area where you wish to store it. Storing a gun vertically can cause the gun oil to run, reducing its ability to protect the metal parts and potentially damaging the weapon’s stock.