Strap A Kayak Onto A Thule Jstyle Rack

Thule Hull-a-port J-style racks offer a secure way of transporting whitewater, recreational and touring kayaks. The J-style rack not only holds the kayak securely, but protects the hull from distortion, which can be a problem when strapping a kayak to the cross bars of a factory or aftermarket roof rack. By cradling the hull in place the J-style rack more evenly distributes the tension of the tie-down straps. Thule J-style racks also have cushions to protect the kayak from scratches.


1. Position the top pad on the J-style rack so the centerline of the kayak will rest in the middle of the pad.

2. Feed the strap assembly through the top of the carrier above the top pad. Do this for both cradles.

3. Place the kayak on the rack with the cockpit facing out toward you and centered between the two rack cradles.

4. Bring the strap assemblies over the kayak and feed them through the bottom of the carrier or around the roof rack cross bar. This will depend on the model of J-style rack being used.

5. Push the buckle bumper out of the way and thread the end of the strap through the buckle, pulling tight. Pull the bumper back in place.

6. Tie one hook to the end of each length of rope.

7. Attach one hook to the bow and one to the stern. Use the attachment straps included with the rack if needed to prevent damaging your kayak.

8. Feed the free end of each rope up through the bottom of the rachets while rotating the spool in a clockwise direction until the rope comes out the top.

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9. Attach the ratchet hooks to the bottom of the bumpers or to tow hooks and draw the ropes tight.