Summer Boot Camp Programs

Many military academies offer summer boot camp programs for teens.

Summertime provides teenagers with a lot of free time outside of school. This is a perfect time for adolescents and troubled teens who need a way to release energy and learn discipline to attend a boot camp. Summer boot camp programs provide a safe environment for young people to learn leadership, responsibility and teamwork skills. Several military summer programs are available for children who need to be challenged or are interested in a military career.

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

Marine Military Academy Summer Camps provides teenagers with a chance to learn invaluable challenges and skills. The boot camps run throughout July for people ages 12 to 18. Every camper is taught respect, trust and teamwork–the foundations of the Marine Corps. Teens take part in activities such as paintball, boxing, a mud course, marching and ironman competitions. The goal of each challenge is to teach them to follow rules and act with determination and perseverance. The trainers are coaches and retired Marines. Each drill sergeant trains 30 to 35 platoon members.

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

330 Iwo Jima Blvd.

Harlingen, TX 79540

U.S. Army Cadet Corps Military Adventure Camp

The U.S. Army Cadet Corps provides a state-of-the-art coed boot camp program in the summer that encourages Army career exploration. The program accepts young adults ages 13 to 18 who are seriously interested in an

Army career. The teenagers participate in a basic leader course and basic cadet training. Once they complete the training, teens are given the title of cadet.

The summer boot camp program last two weeks. Activities include martial arts, rappelling, a U.S. and Army history lesson, drill ceremonies and marksmanship. Each cadet learns risk management, leadership, teamwork and discipline skills.

U.S. Army Cadet Corps Military Adventure Camp

Millersburg, KY


Oak Ridge Military Academy Summer Program

Oak Ridge Military Academy’s summer program is a traditional structured boot camp. The summer program accepts five to 18 children for either a day camp or overnight experience. The leadership adventure boot camp is offered in three two-week sessions. Children in grades 6 to 12 lean skills related to leadership, fitness, teamwork, marksmanship and problem-solving. The day camp offers swimming, sports activities, archery, hiking and wilderness classes.

Oak Ridge Military Academy Summer Program

2316 Oak Ridge Road

Oak Ridge, NC 272320