Summer Military Schools

Individual military schools are vastly different in their goals, their educational environment and in the types of activities they offer.

Summer military schools are educational learning facilities that focus on physical training and fostering intellectual and behavioral skills. A large emphasis is placed on team building and confidence-boosting exercises, the ultimate goal being to develop leadership capabilities in students. Most summer military camps last for two to six weeks and offer a balance between classroom and outdoor activities.

Military Adventure Camp U.S. Army Cadet Corps

The Military Adventure Camp headed by the U.S. Army Cadet Corps offers a basic cadet training course over the summer, and must be taken before students can progress to more advanced programs. The program is volunteer-only, not a disciplinary camp for challenged youths. It trains youths with an interest in the military or a desire to be challenged. The U.S. Army Cadet Corps program requires students to participate in physical training, marching, attending classes, rappelling, marksmanship and martial arts. Students will learn the basics of U.S. Army drills and ceremonies, etiquette, history and rank structures.

Camden Military Academy Summer Session

Camden Military Academy offers summer sessions for boys in need of academic improvement and physical exercise. Classes are taught on weekdays with intermissions for meals and study hall, and offer outdoor activities on weekends. Outdoor activities include hiking, camping, paintball, boating, marksmanship and scuba diving. Enrollment is available for males in grades six through 12 with a two-week to five-week camp period. Students can board from five to seven days during the week.

Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy

The Freedom Alliance Military Leadership Academy is a summer program that offers mental and physical challenges that teach leadership principles. The program includes highlights such as military base tours, historical tours and a trip to Washington, D.C. Educational activities center on American military history and global military crisis situations to enhance critical thinking and decision-making in students. The program is available to high school students and lasts for two weeks.

United States Service Academy Preparatory and Leadership Camps

The United States Service Academy offers summer school at West Point where students undergo classroom training and activities. Students board at the historic Thayer Hotel and bunk in suites of four adjoining rooms. Activities include tours of the United States Military Academy, classroom sessions, a cadet fitness assessment and an action paintball course. During the stay there is a day field trip to New York City, where students see popular sites in the area.