Surviving An Emp Attack

In the event of an EMP attack, electrical towers like these would be of no use.

An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse, which can disable electrical devices and electricity generating facilities. An EMP attack would most likely come in the form of a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. This would disable all electronics, from appliances to computers to cars, over a vast area.


A nuclear warhead launched off the coast of the United States into the atmosphere above could have a devastating ripple effect and knock out the power to most, if not all, of America. All electronic devices would be fried and unusable. An EMP attack has been referred to as a continental time machine which would send us back in time technologically to the 1800s.


Practical emergency storage items include water, food, alternate cooking and heating sources, batteries and candles. These items will aid in survival for many different emergency scenarios, including an EMP attack. A three-month pantry supply is a good start. Alternate cooking methods can include a gas or charcoal grill and a dutch or solar oven. Plenty of wood storage is important for burning in a fireplace or wood stove, in case of attack during the cold months. A battery operated radio, with battery storage, will help keep you informed.

Survival and Prevention

There are several ways to try and protect yourself from the possibility of an EMP attack. It is possible to ground important electronic equipment. This would hopefully guide the power surge from the attack harmlessly into the earth. For example, a vehicle can be grounded by a chain attached to the vehicle frame or trailer hitch. Provided the chain is resting on conductive ground at the time of the attack, the chain may protect the vehicle’s computerized parts from being damaged.